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About Us
Kenyans.Us is an East African based social network whose mission is to provide a network for people from all over the world to interact and create or start relationships. This network will allow you to share your life through information you share through forums, articles, videos, audio, blogs, events, files, polls, sites, ads, commerce et cetera. Mashariki Media (the parent company of Kenyans.Us) strongly believes that such community initiatives should be offered free of charge, since communities unite people of different cultures, nationalities and races. Mashariki Media carries out its mission through starting such initiatives and by improving and constantly releasing new versions of the latest and modern technologies. Kenyans.Us was established in 2011 and we are looking to exponential growth in membership to grow our community. We urge you to spread the work about this community and encourage others to join us. As usual, please let us know of any feedback that you may have that will make us better. Thank you and enjoy your time here!
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